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Plot: Adam is tired of being He-Man because he feels his true personality is destroyed by this over-perfectly glamorous hero. Besides with all the new heroic warriors, he won't be needed anymore. That is why he wants to return his sword to the Sorceress. But in the same moment, Skeletor appears and captures Man-At-Arms. He has built a machine that reacts to He-Man's brainwaves and which will send him thirty years into the future when he comes to rescue Man-At-Arms and Adam. Skeletor of course doesn't have the slightest idea, that Adam's brainwaves are identical to He-Man's! Adam throws his sword at the machine and it both things disappear - into the future! Without knowing it, Skeletor has just destroyed He-Man. Adam notices how foolish it was to give up He-Man. Man-At-Arms sends him into the future to get the sword back. It is a future without He-Man - under Skeletor's rule! Adam is arrested immediately for entering a restricted area. His sword is taken to 'Castle Skeletor'. In 'Prison Mountain' (the former Snake Mountain) he meets his parents and the Sorceress who all help him to escape - even though it costs the Sorceress her life! He also meets a guy called Andras who takes him to the resistance's headquarters. The old Clamp Champ opens the door. The other members of the resistance are Andras (the new Man-At-Arms), Teela (the new sorceress) and Adam (their leader). Meeting himself doesn't seem to be too irritating to both Adams. Skeletor has put up a tombstone labelled 'Here lies He-Man' to break the population's will. But the young Adam doesn't want to give in. He wants to win back the sword and the others are convinced by his enthusiasm. TO BE CONTINUED...
Comments: A pretty good story full of tension! Skeletor as the 'establishment' and the good guys as the 'rebels'. Interesting sidenotes: Queen Marlena and King Randor mention they've known about Adam's secret for a long time. The older Adam is taller than the young one, so the theory based on Adam birthday cake in the cartoon saying he's 19 years old could be true...