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Plot: The Evil Horde summons Monstroid from the Rakash Sea (Mantenna: "My brain hurts!" ;). Skeletor and He-Man also notice this and they all rush to meet it. Hordak arrives first and magically gains control over Monstroid. Extendar shows up, but he's imprisoned within Multi-Bot! Skeletor tries to control Monstroid, but Hordak manages to order it to catch Skeletor in one of its claws instead. In this moment, He-Man and Orko arrive. He-Man decides that Skeletor is in more urgent need of help and he wants to free him. But because of his clumsy attack he just ends up being caught himself. Hordak orders Monstroid to head for the sea so that his two enemies should drown. Extendar breaks free from Multibot and follows it with the power of his extendable legs. But at one point, even those aren't long enough anymore. Quickly, Orko takes control over Multi-Bot and orders him to let Extendar stand on his back. Extendar fires a blast at Monstroid and both Skeletor and He-Man are free again. Hordak commands Monstroid to eat them both, but Multi-Bot (who is still under Orko's control) swims in its mouth and Monstroid swims away.
Comments: I never knew Mantenna was a Gumby until I read this comic ;) This issue tells us about the origins of Multi-Bot (who has to be controlled by magic in contrast to the programmed robot in the minicomic), Monstroid (Is it a robot in this comic? I'm not sure. It looks like one, but it also seems to have its own mind) and Extendar (similar story as in the minicomic). And in this issue a character actually dies! Multi-Bot is 'eaten' by Monstroid. But as it's only a robot, I'm sure Modulok will construct a new one...