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Lifetime II

Plot: The members of the resistance plan their attack on 'Castle Skeletor' (the former Castle Grayskull). Teela turns into Zoar but she's captured by Evil-Lyn. The two Adams and Clamp Champ leave Andras behind and sneak into Castle Skeletor within a supply truck. But they're all captured very fast by Skeletor's elite guards. Ninjor notices young Adam's homing device for Man-at-Arms time machine and destroys it. Skeletor orders his guards to throw the rebels into the lava vent. Bu Clamp Champ manages to break free from his chains and grabs the sword. Both Adams say their lines together and suddenly Skeletor has to face two He-Mans! At the same time, Teela gets aware of the powers of Grayskull and overpowers Evil Lyn. All of Skeletor's underlings flee. But the self-proclaimed Master of the Universe (who has kept Cringer as his pet to torment Adam) is willing to take the opportunity to destroy He-Man forever. One He-Man engages Skeletor in a hand-struggle, the other rebels are locked out by a powerful force field. One of Skeletor's misguided shots hits the roof and Castle Skeletor explodes - with the two enemies in it! Andras joins the rest of the rebels outside. The surviving He-Man tells him that the old Adam (He-Man) was inside. The people of Eternia overthrow Skeletor's unguided forces. The rebellion has succeeded. But the young Adam can't return to his time without the homing device. But Man at Arms had thought ahead thirty years ago and left another one in the drawer of his workshop. So he returns to the present and everything's fine again.
Comments: Too bad the comic book had a fixed number of pages - there would have been even more in this story! It is already great though. A worthy ending of a great series!