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The Getaway

Plot: Prince Adam and Orko are sitting in the forest fishing when they notice some strange creatures. It turns out they're Hordak, Mosquitor and Sssqueeze who are talking about how they robbed the royal palace. Orko flies back to the palace to see what happens. Adam turns into He-Man and follows the intruders. With the Scubattack he dives through the Rakash Sea where he is attacked by Sssqueeze. Meanwhile, Orko has reached the palace, but everyone has been turned to stone! After having beaten up Sssqueeze, He-Man arrives at a rock cliff. Luckily he has brought the Cliff Climber with him and uses it. When he's halfway up, Mosquitor attacks him but He-Man delivers him a blast out of his Power Sword. On top, Hordak is already waiting for him. The evil guy has a new weapon: the Buzz Saw Power! Orko meets Snake Face who is responsible for all these stone statues. He-Man manages to destroy the Buzz Saw 'machine'. Hordak gets so furious about this that he attacks He-Man hand-to-hand. Orko is just about being turned into stone when he magically summons He-Man - not a moment too early because Hordak was just throwing He-Man down the cliff. Using his Power Sword, He-Man reverses Snake Face's spell on Man-at-Arms. The two friends finally trick Snake Face after a hard fight by deflecting his look back to himself.
Comments: Advertisement, advertisement, advertisement and.... advertisement. That's what this issue is all about! It's completely obvious by the structure of the story which 'characterizes' several pieces of equipment and some character each after the other. Besides, since when can Sssqueeze breath under water and Mosquitor fly? And the Buzz Saw has been invented by Man-at-Arms? Kind of contradictory to the minicomic...


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