News Archive - 2003


As per previous notes, some downloads are unavailable for the rest of the year. Also fixed the error message appearing on the front page.


All downloads are working again since last night. The same ones which were down recently will be taking another vacation starting on the 24th, so if you urgently need some of the big files, I suggest you get them now.


Important: Due to hardware problems, some downloads aren't available at the moment. Mailing us about it won't help. We're working on a solution.


Updated the Amiga emulators to the most current versions and added the versions for Linux and MacOSX of the new 'experimental' UAE branch.


Seems like I lied in my last update. Not on purpose, of course. Things just turned out different than I expected. You're still stuck with me and my tight schedule. Gobliins 2.


Just finished the last exam of the last semester yesterday, and now the new lectures are already starting on Monday. That's life, eh? Anyway, I've resumed my usual updating again. It didn't go as well as planned, but I've decided to put up Gobliiins anyway. It's game No. 275 on our site by the way!


And one of Mega Lo Mania. In case you missed the earlier news about the reason why there aren't that many big updates at the moment: I still have another week of exams at university before me, and my little free time goes into the 'similar games' system (which turned out to be more time consuming than I hoped) at the moment.


While the comparisons are slowly creeping in (will continue adding more after writing this newspost), I found the time to scan the box of James Pond 2.


After two months of 'having it planned', we've now started to actually implement a system of 'comparisons with similar games' (if you're not sure what that means, check here). The first examples can be found here and it'll be extended to the whole site over time of course. I'll be pretty much busy with that in the near future, so please don't expect many new game entries.


And as a final consequence Warlock: The Avenger. If you don't understand why this is a consequence, better learn reading, because then you'll be able to follow my explanations about this.


Upgraded the offered version of ScummVM to the current 0.5.0R2 (huge step forward!) and added WHDLoad to our collection.


The specials have been neglected for a looooong time now. That's not my fault, though - if I don't receive anything from you, I can't put it there. So anyway, a really great addition there today: A psychological study about fish.


Scheduled downtime of the bigger downloads until Wednesday night.


A current open-source operating system is something we only rarely offer. No rule without exception of course: Contiki.


Big downloads are up again. During the next few days, there will still be a lot of reboots of the server, so you are now even more adviced to use a download manager!


Status update: The basic work has been done, you can expect the server for the bigger downloads to be up again on Tuesday. No, that is not a promise, but an estimation.


Big downloads are down for an unspecified time, because I have to work on my hardware setup.


A new game, not from my, not from Tapuak, but from INCISE-66. He promised to come up with more reviews in the future, so the dry period for PC freaks might be over. For today, enjoy Transport Tycoon.


Several downloads which had been taken down because of file size have been enabled again. Not in the usual way though - less reliable. I guess it's still better than nothing, though. Details can be found on the respective download gateways (try Case of the Cautious Condor for example). Note that this is an experiment. It can be gone again just as fast as it appeared. Also keep in mind that this doesn't affect any games copyrighted by IDSA members.


Who drives a black car and wears a coat with bat ears? Right, an idiot who beats up clowns (some call him BATMAN).


Since I've received many complaints from Amiga users who thought they have to convert the .rar-files we offer to another format on a PC first, I've added UnRAR 3.10 to the applications page. As you can see, all you have to do is download the games directly to your Amiga and then open the archives there :)


And the next one: Guild of Thieves. As you will have noticed, the latest reviews lacked a bit of quality. That always happens periodically if I'm writing too many of them in too little time. I'll take a little break to get some creativity back. That doesn't necessarily mean there won't be any updates of course...


As promised, a game from the CD-ROM generation. You probably won't find it on any other website: Sixth Sense Investigations. Sorry for the low amount of screenshots, but as mentioned in the review, it is quite hard to make any. I'll add more later.


Today, I proudly present you the 250th game on The Good Old Days! This is the amount we wanted to reach for our anniversary last February in fact, but we simply didn't manage. Now we're there at last - with the addition of Murder. By the way: I still remember my promise to add some CD-ROM games - the next ones (from me - can't speak for the rest of the crew) definitely will be :)


And another one: Deja Vu 2. Reviewing those four last games in a row was of course easy, because they're all based on the same engine ;)


I'm in Adventure-mood again these days. First result: Deja Vu. This genre had another (and last) high time in the mid-90s, so there probably will be a few games from the CD-Rom generation appearing here shortly. Don't expect such huge downloads of course.


Added a comic which I had lying around (someone had sent it to me some time ago). Because this is apparantely incomprehensible (or because people simply don't read), I've now automated the download rotation of the comics. It'll change every week and it'll also tell you when the ones which aren't downloadable will be up again. I hope this saves me answering the same question all over again.


Yet another update. Really an interesting project: LUnix - a Unix variant running on the C64. I took the opportunity and added more emulators for that system in order to cover more 'emulating systems'.


Due to a shitty Internet connection, we've gone back to me presenting the updates: Hacker 2.


Here is something for Mr Bush to play with: Battle Isle. Maybe then he'll understand what the difference between a computer game and reality is!


OK, here's my first 'true' message :) added new game in C64 section - Archon.


In case you're wondering why the output of games has decreased so much lately, I can assure you it won't change in the near future. Still one more month of exams to go. I'm trying my best though: Wetten Dass..?


Today, I made several internal changes to the database to make it easier for you visitors. The visible effect are that some elements are now placed on 'better' spots. Boxscans have been moved into the 'area' of all the other available files and the 'alternate downloads' of some Amiga games (which according to our download stats were impossible to find for most visitors - they were only directly under the review in bold letters and underlined) are now right below the 'main downloads'. Hope this helps to avoid more confusion.


Major upgrade of our forum: We now reached board version 2.0. This update makes posting easier to newbies with clickable smilies, easy board code and more comfort functions.


C64 - the home of Ping Pong. More than 10% of the games released for that system deal with this sport!


Today's the third anniversary of the site. There won't be anything special for personal reasons though.


Buggy Boy. I just hope this continues without my own help that well, because my free time will be severely cut down to almost nothing in the next two months - exams, exams...


Did some work this weekend myself, too. A game you all know: Die Siedler. Yes, I'm really sure you do know it!


All downloads have been moved to the same server as the site again. That should ensure better download speeds. If you find any broken links, please report them.


8 Bit time again: Ultima 1: The First Age of Darkness. Yes, to my own surprise, this is the real name of the game! I'm more than happy to be able to present another RPG on the site now, this genre has been close to non-existent here until now. We need more of those games! In case there are more fans who want to help to fill this gap, just contact me.


And another of this kind: Der Rasende Reporter. Those of you who like to read about games they already know will be served on the next update.


Games: added Virocop.

Comics: After 1.5 months, it was time for the rotation again. Ladybird, UK and DC comics are now up for download.


No, we're not dead yet. As you might imagine, everyone needs breaks from writing reviews though, thus the slightly longer pause than usual. Today's addition is worth a small celebration, because it is the 50th Amiga game on the site (not counting games which should be in the Amiga section, but have been foolishly added for another system): King of Chicago.


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