News Archive - 2004


You know, I actually do read all game comments submitted to this site. Yesterday, there was one which was so true that I immediately had to react: it was about the different conversions of the boardgame Diplomacy. This game entry dates back several years, when there were only PC games on the site. The C64 has a way better version, though, so this is what I added today: Diplomacy (*) (C64) (the asterisc marking that it's not the same game ;).


Here's the usual weekend update. This time, it's a very popular game which has been added: Murder on the Mississippi (C64).


Yes, I know I shouldn't review RPG, because I just can't appreciate the whole genre. Yes, I know I can't do these games justice. However, in the almost five years this site has been online, nobody has ever really taken care of this genre, and so it's still by far the tiniest section. So, until someone else jumps in, you'll have to live with my half-assed attempts as this genre: Hero Quest 2: Legacy of Sorasil (Amiga).


Addition: Boxscan of Powermonger WW1 Edition.


Mainly out of technical curiosity, I made a search plugin for this site integrating into Mozilla (and of course Firefox). It's working nicely, both with direct searching and with sidebar usage. You can download it from this newspost as well as the menu on the left. Just extract it to your searchplugins directory. Enjoy!


I did some work on the server containing the bigger downloads today to make room on the overloaded partitions, resulting in a downtime of about an hour. Everything should be working again now, but it is possible that I forgot to relocate one of the many files. If you get a 'file not found' error, please report it in the forum.

Oh, and the next game review is coming soon...


After the last routine update, I went for something less common again: Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows (PC). This game has previously been on my 'want list', so it's all the better that it turned up. Enjoy!

Final update on the question of pageviews (see earlier news): the game in question went up to #222, so it's nowhere near the top. In fact, half of the later additions have already overtaken it which is, once again, very sad. Bad luck - for you.


That's quite an update today - a visitor who goes by the name of zork provided us with a solution of The Case of the Cautious Condor (Amiga). As far as I can tell, this is the only walkthrough for this game on the whole net. Thanks a lot!


Added a CAPS image of Victor Loomes (Amiga). Also, I started working on a 'want list' to avoid the daily number of mails offering to send in games - 99.9999999999% of which I already have. You can find it by clicking 'Help Us' on the left.


A highly anticipated game - at least to me: Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. 2 (PC). In spite of all the excitement over this one, let's not forget the previous game. It made it to #296 by now. Still far from enough.


Small update on the pageviews-thingy. Good news: Yes Prime Minister (C64) has been the most viewed game over the last 24 hours. Bad news: On the list of games with most overall pageviews, it's still only #304. There are two options to succeed: keep it up at the numbers of this day for another 17500 days in a row, or increase your performance significantly. Both roads lead to success...


Here's Yet Another New Game: Yes Prime Minister (C64). What few people know is that we count the pageviews of each game entry here, and these stats are often very depressing. Depressing how unequal the interest is distributed. So here's an offer: If the aforementioned game climbs up to the top of the most viewed games (just the review page, not the download), I'll make every single game entry downloadable. There - that's a challenge which is worth it, isn't it?


Bad news first: It'll most likely take just as long again until the next update, because I'm extremely busy with university, and it seems the others don't have too much time for the site, either. At least I could write one quick and easy review today: Blasteroids (Amiga). Along with this addition, I decided to include Amiga games in IPF format as an alternative to the classic ADF if available. In case you don't know what that means, I suggest you check out CAPS. In a nutshell, IPF files are exact images of original games, not modified cracks. Especially useful in combination with WHDLoad.


After one day of downtime, here are a few additions. First of all, there's std who gives you all Deluxe Paint II. For those of you who think games are everything, there's good news, too. A visitor provided me with the English version of Noctropolis (PC) which is now available for download. Another biggie preserved.


I also made screenshots of several apps and updated some of the data there.


SNES9x 1.42 (emulator) for Linux.


It's strange how I always get more productive concerning this website when I actually shouldn't have the time for it... anyway, Heart of China (Amiga) has been added.


I went through the apps section to see which programs had upgrades. Quite a few have been replaced with newer versions, namely: CCS64 3.0 Beta 1.4 Windows, Minus/4 Windows 2.5, ScummVM 0.6.0, Snes9X 1.42, Steem / XSteem 3.1, WHDLoad 16.3, WinUAE 0.9.91 and YAPE 0.57. I hope this gets everything up-to-date again. I couldn't find any website of some of the emulators anymore, so if any of you know about more recent sources, let me know.


All the files are back online now. I also added a boxscan of the latest game addition.


Our download server is taking a vacation, so some files won't be available for a few weeks.


Everything should be online again now. If you still find errors, please report them.


We're back after almost a whole week of being down! The reasons why it took so long are multiple, a little more information about it can be found in the forum. I won't repeat it all now, so all that's remaining for this post is a pledge to bear with us as I'm uploading the whole site to the new server. That's thousands of files we're talking about here, so please don't panic if you find broken images like missing screenshots and broken download links. Everything will be fully online again in a few hours.


Inspired by Tapuak's extra additions, I wrote a walkthrough for my own latest addition.


Yes, yes - I know it's been quite some time since I added games. But once again: it's not possible to write reviews non-stop. This latest one (about Locomotion (Amiga) by the way) took me hours to write, and it's still quite a weak and short one. So please either give me the time I need or take care of more frequent updates yourself. There is no god-given law that everything has to be done by me, you know...


Added manuals for the following games: Beach Volley, Chaos Engine, Indy 4, King of Chicago, Lemmings, Mega Lo Mania, Monkey Island 2, New Zealand Story, Pinball Dreams, Powermonger, Shufflepuck Café, Soccer Kid, Stunt Car Racer, Virocop. All of these are from the classic 'LSD Disks'.


This addition marks game number 300 on this site: Mad Doctor (C64). Yes, it had to be a special one, of course.

To clear up some inconsistencies: This game is indeed number 300, and it still has the database ID 301. Also, if you look at the 'all games' list, it says '297 Games found'. That is because of one of the old 'specials' (regular visitors might remember those) being impossible to split up, and so one 'entry' consists of four games. So - everything is alright over here. Enjoy!


Another nice new game. It is actually pretty new indeed. First played it a few years ago when I got it on one of those 'compilation CDs'. As I said, a really nice one: Wodan - The Trial (PC).

As you can see there have been quite a few updates lately, so the news are getting 'old' pretty quickly. That shouldn't stop you from checking out the previous additions as well, of course.


Tried to remove some of the clutter on the main page. It's kind of hard to squeeze all this different information on here in a usable way.


That was close... almost another weekend without an update. In the very last minute, I finished the entry of Rick Dangerous (Amiga). Oh, and Hannibal now also has a boxscan.


Finished my hints document for Hannibal (see last update) today.


Folks, I'm fed up with this crap. I can't keep it uncommented any longer. All those years that I've been running this site, I've read thousands of error reports about it. "Link x is broken", "why can't I d/l game y" and "that site has spyware/trojans/virii". The problem with that? 99% of all these reports weren't told to me, but made in some other forums I've never visited!

It usually goes like this:
Guy A: "yo, where can I d/l kewl wareZzZzZ?"
Guy B: "d00d, go to"
Guy C: "man, that site sends me trojans!"

Now what was Guy C thinking? Did he actually assume Guy A, Guy B and all the other regulars of his favourite Pokémon fan forum would be able to solve that problem? And even if - did he assume they could help him better than I, the webmaster of this site could? I have only one option: to classify this behaviour as pure unconstructive whining.

Starting today, I'll establish a simple rule for usage of this website: If you have any technical problems with it (broken links, virii, whatever), you have to either report them here in the forum or not at all. By 'not at all', I mean not at all! For any post like Guy C's above I find on other message boards (provided a report wasn't simultanously filed to me directly), I'll shut the site down for a day. Why? Because I can, and because this is damn annoying!


As you've probably already noticed, the chance of me updating during the week is rather slim at the moment. I'm trying my best to balance this out on the weekends, though. Of course, I can't promise anything for Saturday and Sunday in general...

Anyway, tonight, I did prepare some more stuff for you to enjoy. Primarily, it's Backstage (Amiga). This entry includes a self-written walkthrough. While I was at it, I also wrote one for last night's addition. Next, I replaced ScummVM with the most current version. Last, but not least, I fixed a bug in the code which sometimes prevented people from downloading.

Well, that wasn't so bad for two days on the whole after all.


Here's the next one. It's so far the largest game ever to be offered on this website, and it's very likely that it'll keep this title for... at least a very long, unspecified time. Probably forever. Looking at our download statistics, that makes it a likely download candidate for most visitors (the bigger a file, the better the game?). That is also why I can't promise it'll stay forever. But don't worry - at least review, screenshots and boxscan of Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. 3 (PC) will stay.


In case you expected something more... spectacular after yesterday's newspost, you'll probably be disappointed, but fans of obscurer titles might be pleased with this addition: Auf dem Weg nach Europa (Amiga).


Right. While I'm still pondering over which game to review next, std provides us with an addition: Gladiators (C64). Oh, and a note for those who still haven't noticed: There are two dropdown boxed on the lower left side of every page. These can be used.


Quite a few days have passed since the site's fourth anniversary and thus the last public update. Of course, the reason was given there - and after lots and lots of work, here it finally is: The New Good Old Days!

The ideas and reasons for the recoding have already been explained in detail in the forum a long time ago, so if you care, chances are you already know. No point repeating everything over and over again.

This change of system also comes along with a server move. As I'm writing this, the old site is actually still 'visible' for the public. When you're reading this, it means the DNS records have finally updated.

Last, but not least, recoding the site hasn't been everything we've been up to lately. A content freeze for the old site doesn't mean there aren't any new contents 'produced' at all. So these are the newcomers to the site: Pirates! (Amiga), Elefanten! (Amiga) and 221B Baker Street (C64). This increases the gamecount to 288.

Now stop reading this nonsense and start browsing the site. There's a lot to discover!


Four years ago, on this very day, The Good Old Days first went public. This is usually a time to look back at what has been achieved. This year, I'll break with this tradition. Our newsarchive is stacked with enough historical information.

Instead, I'd like to offer you a look into the future. As those of you who followed the development of the site closely and read the discussion about 'combined view' in the forum know, the site is undergoing major changes. I dare to claim these are the most groundbreaking changes it ever had!

You can read more about it and have a look at a few screenshots in the forum.


Updated UAE for Linux and MacOS X to the latest versions, and added UAE for BeOS and Amiga.


There isn't happening much here at the moment, but everything has its good reasons... anyway, we have a new application reviewed by Alex today: Writer.


A new year has begun for some of us, and all downloads on this site have been enabled again.


You're currently browsing old newsposts. Since the site's directory and file structure has changed several times over the years, the more you get into the past, the more likely it is you'll find the links on these pages not working. Use the regular navigation to find the respective contents in this case.