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Ascii Sector is another one of these games which I started writing a review about quite some time ago, but never got around to finishing it - until now.

Since this is most likely the last game addition of the year, I'll also use this opportunity to do the regular end-of-the-year-wrap-up. As usual, this is just concerning the game additions, disregarding any other work on the site. On the whole, there were 52 games added to TGOD this year, averaging one per week. This is a very good number! The people who made this possible are:

You'll notice that these numbers don't add up to 52. This is due to the discussion reviews which we picked up this year again (seven on the whole) being counted for two people respectively, of course. This must have been the most varied year in the history of the site so far. Many thanks to all of you - I hope to see your name in these parts again next year!


meyou reviews another game today: Zone 66. This get him above the 50 points threshold - congratulations and thanks!


meyou, who has already been contributing a number of disk images for some time now, today provides his second game review to the site: Mechwarrior. Thanks!


After thinking that those Dungeon Master clones based on Dungeons & Dragons where not the best format for D&D I recalled the Gold Box, and here is the review for Pool of Radiance (PC).


Freedom is a tiny game, a trifle which can be played within half an hour. Which makes it easy to review, but your risk of trying it should also be pretty low.


At first I was going to review the first Ravenloft game, but I got a game stopping bug. Then tried Menzoberranzan (PC), and here you have the result.


I honestly don't see why Wandrell sees the need to assure anyone of 'us' being alive. As far as I see it, we're on a pretty normal update frequency right now. Which brings me to today's game addition: Anchantia (who runs a site on promotial games - as you know one of my favourite topics) and I discussed Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual Stupidity. Enjoy!


We are not dead, and to show it another NES classic: Battle City (NES). Destructible terrain already existed on 1985.


I hoped it would be better, but Lost Eden (PC) is just another of those mediocre games Cryo ended creating. Still, it's a not too known curiosity.


Elwood just added another game, but it took him longer than he anticipated. He had to run off and asked me to annouce the addition (Taipan for Windows) and to extend his regards to all you visitors. Another interesting method of reviewing this one - check it out.


Welllll... I just remembered that a while ago I packed things up but never wrote the review for this game. It's not "good" as such, more a curiosity. So, here's Monopolize.


Aye everyone, here's Elwood again. Something for the puzzle-section: Blockout - something like a halfclassic.



After having played one of Microprose graphic adventures I decided to try Dragonsphere (PC). A great game, even if it's a bit unoriginal and short it still is a fun one.


As you can see, no daily updates. I waited one day on purpose so that nobody would get any wrong ideas. As much as I appreciate Elwood's tireless work over the last weeks, I don't see this type of review as the future as far as I'm personally concerned with the site anymore. I've written far too many already. Hence my new push to get more discussion reviews going.

That said, what I will do is 'clean out' my 'todos'. I have a small number of 'classic' reviews in various stages of completion lying around which I will try to finish one by one. Today, I'm starting with Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Alright, here's my last update for a while: Loopz

I have to sort out some private things and so I won't have the time to do anything here for the next few weeks. But maybe I infected someone with the daily-update-virus... who knows?


Wow... I didn't think this day would come. I promised this game to Mr Creosote a dozen times I guess. And always I started playing it and didn't get to actually review it. Well... now I did. Here's Champions of Krynn - the first game I reviewed and rated with a perfect 6/6!

By the way: This game is the 700th game on this site. And that's another reason why I finally did it!


Johann67 and me did another game discussion and what's a better subject for discussion than a very controversial game? Harvester comes on three CDs - a hefty download. Hopefully, our discussion will help you decide whether the game is for you beforehand.

Once again, I'd like to stress that everybody is welcome to participate in discussion reviews in this format. If you're missing a second person, contacting one of the active people here on the site should be a safe bet. This is not 'reserved' for 'experienced contributors'.


Hey - did anyone miss me? Someone else posted something yesterday so I thought hey... a day off for me! Great!

I brought you another classic from the 80s today: Arkanoid. Enjoy it!


Elwood added one of my favourite platformers Gods.
But it's not complete! So I couldn't resist to add the disk image, manual, boxscan and reference card.


So... today I brought you Tetris (PC). With this I will also start the Highscorehunt as proposed by Maniac.

If you have a new highscore post it in the forumthread. Please attach a screenshot there.


Right right right...

So I made it! I took over this site! Ha! 5 newspostings in a row from me! I'm the boss now! Muahahahahahaaaaaa!

Today a doublefeature btw.: Gods and Magic Pockets - two absolute classics in the Jump 'n Run category.


Hello there my fluffy little visitors. I know you're out there!

So - I went out or better I went in... inside my harddisk - and dug out another treasure for you. Today it's The Bugs Bunny Hare-Brained Adventure - a nice little game with the greatest CGA-graphics of all time (even though it's weird to see them used in 1990).

Now I know it won't help anything anyway, but if you're reading this: Go to the forum and say hello. No more than that one word is needed to let me know there's people out there... living people... wow!


Me again bringing you some nonsense: Esheep



Aye... here's Elwood again. New game as well: Chicken Invaders

And it didn't take a year this time!


Hey hey...

I was tempted to begin with something like mentioning that noone will remember me or anything like that. But well... Now I mentioned it and that must be enough for that subject.

There are a couple of games on this site I reviewed, but my average must be something like one per year or so. At least it's been like that for a while now. Soooo... here's my game for this year: Hamsters

Now be happy and celebrate!

...and wait for the next one - which should be here in less than a year. I promise!


T-Pow and me did a review of Chewy: ESC von F5 in discussion style. I tried that approach with other people five years ago and I always quite liked the idea. Unfortunately, people being their usual passive selves, it's always hard to find collaborators. If anyone's interested, drop me a line.


A new game, again reviewed by Johann67, has been added: Pitfall. It's not the Pitfall you think it is, though, so check it out!


...and suddenly there's a new game submission by Wayfarer (I hope it wasn't just because of my rant): Set the Hostages Free. Chances are you haven't heard of it, so make sure you check it out!


Well, it's been some time since the last update. To be honest, it wasn't just lack of time (although that did play a major part). It's really hard to stay motivated with the massive passiveness of pretty much everybody around here. Even after all these years, still nothing happens here at all without me (as this break showed). When I ask for some simple feedback, I get absolutely none. When I can't update for a few weeks, nothing happens. It's not like nobody could jump in and fill the gap. There are two possible conlusions to all of this. In both cases, I have to rethink my priorities here.

It's ironic that a total newcomer understood perfectly the possibilities of contributions to the site: Luke Nukem did some translation work, waking the site from its slumber. Johann67's next game is Packman.


Castle Adventure comes with two reviews. The first one ends in a plea for a second opinion - and here it already is. Convenient, eh?


The next of Johann67's reviews covers Striker. You will notice that that review isn't exactly new, either, but still completely unpublished so far. Herr M. took care of an alternate review of Another World.


Old-time contributor Johann67 provides the site with a new game entry today: PC-Man. Modern-day contributor Herr M. processed another Home of the Underdogs review: Z (PC).


Two 'new' reviews on the site: Bermuda Syndrome and Lands of Lore. If you want to know why/how they're not really new, the explanation can be found in the forum. If you think this is a good idea and you want to join in to get some of that stuff on this site, feel free to!


Here it is. At last. Our Tenth Anniversary! Not just ten years since the first launch, but ten years of uninterrupted activity. How many websites are there which can claim this for themselves?

To celebrate this, we've prepared two things. First and foremost, we've compiled some stories from the site's contributors. Some funny, some serious, but all very personal - check it out. I'm particularly happy to see the very first person who ever contributed something to the site without having a personal link to it on the list: J. Durr! On the other end of the spectrum, we have Wayfarer whose presence indirectly shows one of the future projects the site will have to incorporate: covering the disk images in the user profiles. Sorry, I can't name all of you - a big "thank you" to everyone who worked on the site over the years!

Second, those of you who have read the site history article might remember the list (details about that in the history article). Believe it or not: After only ten years, all the 26 games from the list are now finally covered on the site! Wow, aren't we fast! So welcome the following new game entries: Paperboy 2, Skate or Die, Ski or Die and No Greater Glory. Those reviews are new, not ten years old. Whether they say what I would have written about those games had I followed the original plan? Who knows? A little bit of mystery never hurts.


ReggidMusic, apparantely a fan of racing games, expands that genre with his interesting treatment of Car and Driver.


New user ReggidMusic found the time to cover quite a unique street racing game: Vette! Thanks!


After a slight delay due to the new year and personal illness, comradesean's treatment of Hugo's House of Horrors is now online for your enjoyment.


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