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Thanks to Cypherswipe and fretz, we're able to open the new Atari 2600 section today. Three games so far: There's been a small discussion about the ability to cover this system at all on this site. We've managed with the above games so far, but the things said there will most likely prevent this new section from growing really large. Then again, this doesn't mean we shouldn't try...


There are reviews which virtually write themselves, because the games they're about are so well-known you only have to state the obvious. Uridium (C64) is one such 'run-for-cover' updates.


Updated Mo'Slo to the latest free version. Great to see that program still being maintained! And thanks to Dr. Dave for the heads-up.


Still adapting some things to the new forum script I installed, but that doesn't mean there won't be any updates: Sim City (CDTV) (Amiga).


Commander Keen (PC). Who have never played it? Really a great game.

And by the way, we are always glad of getting any review of old games, so if you like one and there is no review of it here, make one yourself and speak with us.

There is a good reason for the commentary, I fear we may get in a slow season. I personally have plenty of things to be done, and lately when I play is with a fast paced an light game.


A bit late as I was occupied this weekend, here comes the update.

Quest for Glory (PC) shows that not all Sierra games cause mental alterations such as paranoia, urges to beat something or deep stress.


Some games need little story that usually is pretty bad. Adding a lot of text is becoming a fashion in new games for supposedly improving it, but luckily other know how to handle it.

In this case, they knew. They knew that saving your lands of the invading evil is a silly plot and so they created a silly story for a fun game that doesn't need more.

That game is The Horde (PC), which by the way it comes with a familiar face.


As a try to keep all parts of the site somewhat active, I've added Klass of '99 (PC) today.


I made the review a time ago being tired and left it, needing a rewrite, until now. I hope it is not as bad as when I opened today.

The first shooter I found fun was Blood, just because it was ridiculously bloody and had silly black humor. The first I liked was Half-Life, and there are a few really good ones that become more than a shooter, like both System Shock and both Deus Ex. But this one was a first step trying improving a genre that today still is stuck in barely improved Doom clones.

This game is Strife (PC), quite fun it is.


With the magic number of 500 games reached, I'll take the time to concentrate on comics a little again. Someone (in fact, two people on the same day) sent in the one missing Interpart issue, so I'll continue putting these up. Today: issue #2.


Everything should be online again. However, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that it's better for all of us if you report such problems. In this case, the situation lastet several days before anyone said anything. We're counting downloads, and there were several hundred broken files transfered over that period. Yet, only one person was 'brave' enough to say anyhthing? That's bad.


Please note that game downloads from A to F are currently non-functional. We're doing our best to get them back.


Five hundred games, that is the number now in the page.

You may feel nothing knowing this, after all quality goes over quantity and having much of something may not be a reason of celebration.

But it means the page has survived a long time, trying to avoid people from forgetting old games, true old games, not like when in TV game show they talk about five year old games as if they were museum pieces.

And I hope thing will continue, there will be more reviews, after all five hundred is nothing compared to all the old games released, and lets expect also nothing compared to the number of good games still not in the page, and maybe nearly forgotten.

But you came here for the games, and the one added today is Albion (PC), a game that tried to improve the MSDos 2D flavor when it was dissapearing, and managed to become quite a good game.


Added S.T.U.N. Runner (Atari ST). This is the first time I've used the 7ZIP archiver on this site. I'm contemplating using it exclusively instead of RAR in the future, as it compresses better and it's also open source (as opposed to shareware). System support has become quite good over the last few years as well. Any opinions / objections?


Alright, I gave in to the e-mail flood and updated the editorial about browser compatibility on this site reflecting the new version of a (undeservedly) popular browser. Further mails concerning this will be answered with a link to that page, if you really feel there's anything to discuss, feel free to use the link on the bottom of the editorial page.


Since the 'pre-1986' part of the games section was getting a little crowded lately, so you can now additionally select the years 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1985 individually from the top menu. Now let's see how long till it happens to the new 'pre-1982' selection, too ;)


As a break from the historically important heavy-weights of the last few updates, here's a nice arcade conversion: Green Beret (C64).


In reference to the last post, here's Back to Skool (ZX Spectrum) to show that while originality is great, there's nothing wrong with building on an original idea and perfecting it - even if the resulting game then isn't really original anymore.


Thanks to two extremely helpful people, we can now offer a full scan of the manual as well as the copy protection codes of Hero Quest (Amiga).


Quad (C64) is a special game in the history of the site. It's the first one starting with a 'Q'. 'Q' was the last game initial missing, so now you'll find games for every letter of the alphabet here.


Hmm... my last numbers concerning this date back many years, but taking the usual visitor demographic of similar sites, I think it's fair to assume that today's game is older than most of you who are reading this: P.C. Fuzz (C64).


I've added a zoom function to the screenshot pages. Compared to today's common resolutions, the original size which the screenshots are put up with is tiny, sometimes even to the extent of not really being recognizable.

That is why clicking on one will now zoom it by factor four (twice the width and twice the height, so total size is 22). Obviously, it'll only do something if the zoomed image will still fit in the visitor's browser window, so don't expect anything to happen if you try it with screenshots which are already large by default.


As ultimate proof of what I said previously about the alphabet: Final Fight (Amiga). However, this is actually the first Amiga game on the site beginning with 'F'.


I swear it's only a coincidence! It has nothing to do with any alphabetical plan that today's game is B.C. Kid (Amiga).


I decided to approach the addition of games systematically now, i.e. add every game there is in alphabetical order. So today, I'm starting with Aaargh! (Amiga)

Ok, just kidding (not about having added the game). There is still something new to see there: In addition to the usual ADF and IPF disk images, I'll now try to add pre-installed versions of the games for those who have a hard drive ready as well. Others have already done a fine job in this area, but one more source certainly can't hurt.


I'm proud to present the 100th comic (not counting the various alternate language versions) on this site today: Caverns of Fear.


I'm surprised of not having seen any review of Alien Legacy (PC), it's a very good game, even thought it's hard. I had to restart at least four times before being capable of keeping the colonies in good condition, and they require a lot of attention.


Wonder Project J (SNES), a curious game for SNES where you have to teach a robot, and one of those game that stayed in Japan until fans translated it.


It's been months since I posted the last comic. Of course, everybody thinks I'm slacking. Probably even true, but the real reason why I haven't done anything is the conditions I wrote up on the comics front page a long time ago: No series can be completed, so I'm not even starting.

It's not that nobody has tried, though. A few kind souls have sent a few comics in. Not enough to complete any series, unfortunately. However, it's not the fault of those who did contribute something. So, to show the work hasn't been wasted, I'm now subsequently putting up everything which I've received. I will not add any scans myself, because the same conditions still hold. Also, I will not provide any 'read online' versions for now, because writing those comments takes way too long considering nobody seems to care for them anyway. As usual, you can see my own motivation is dependant on how much others are doing.

So, without further ado, here's today's additions: Eine Falle für He-Man and He-Man und das Ungeheuer (contributed by AB).


As an experiment, I've programmed a new module for the site today. It enables the visitors to export the meat of the site (the game entries) as printable PDF files. These PDFs contain the game review and the screenshots. It's experimental both from a technical point of view (just threw it together today, so please tell me about problems) as well concerning the point (let me know if it's useful or not).


By far the newest game on the site, Trailblazer (PC) has just been released as freeware, and it's also a classic concept it tackles - proving that not everybody is developing first person shooters these days.


Machiavelli the Prince (PC) is a trade game, with politics and a bit of war. Might be too simple for playing a lot, at least against the computer, but it's a nice game.


StarControl II (PC) is the second part of StarControl. Ok, it's too obvious but what is unexpected is to see that the continuation of a simple strategy game is a great space adventure.


StarControl (PC) today, it is a popular series, and with reason. A good mix of strategy and space shooter, at least this first one.


I've always liked survival games, and this one which I knew by chance through a second hand store is one of the best, Survival Kids (Game Boy).


How time flies... it's already the next site anniversary again. TGOD has just turned seven years old, and unlike certain other sites who claim to have been online for x years, but nobody has seen them then, the (almost) complete history of this site can be found in the newsarchive. Not just an actual seven years, but also active seven years: No temporary closures, no long periods without updates. Now that is something to be proud of at last!

What's new today? Here's a list:

  • Optical tweak for the games menu to make it easier understandable. I'd like to stress once again that I'm always putting the site design up for discussion before they're published, so if you have any complaints or concerns, it's best to voice them then, and not afterwards. Though afterwards is better than never.
  • Screenshot preview on the review page. Three screenshots out of the complete set are randomly selected on load of the page, shrunk a little and put in a box for you to get a first impression. This only works if your browser window is big enough, though. All full-sized screenshots can still be looked at on their own pages as usual.
  • Likewise, the game comments are displayed next to the review if window size is sufficient. This has in fact been there for some time already, but it's never been announced properly, so I'm just including it today.
  • Two new subforums have been opened in The Spam Club: Comics and a German forum. To coincide with the latter, I made a German language pack for the forum as well. In the latter forum, there's also a new thread concerning game reviews with missing German translations (kind of a 'put your money where your mouth is' initiative). If you're a German looking at the English version of the site for some strange reason, this is of interest to you - otherwise, probably not.

That's it. Nothing more to see here.


Another horror game for a Nintendo console that didn't go outside their country, Clock Tower (SNES). Here you will have to flee from a deformed murderer and his giantic scissors.


Since the current line I'm adding consists of rather short pieces, I can do an intermediate update in the middle of the week: Battle for the Crystal.


Resuming normal updating again, but please mind yesterday's longer post. Anyway, picking up what began with this year's first update, I added Skeletor's Journey.


Three days after changing the DNS of as the final step of the move, I've now activated it as the main URL again. As far as I'm concerned, this move is complete now. Please report if you find any missing files, images or other errors.

Of course, a server move isn't done without a deeper cause. In this case, it's just a lot more capacity on this new server. I'm not talking about storage space, but about bandwidth. There are two immediate improvements for you, the visitors, which I've activated already:

1. Every comic can always be downloaded.
2. The size limit between game files on this server and the other (slower) one has been multiplied by 33.33, meaning you'll be able to download a higher percentage of the games from this more reliable connection.

Of course, this is just on probation. The comic rotation code hasn't been deleted, but simply deactivated for now. If the effect is that people now get the idea to download the entire archive on a single day, that's bad. Likewise, if the medium-sized games are now downloaded even more often, because they're served over this faster connection. I'm still keeping an eye on bandwidth consumption, and if it gets too high again, I'll certainly take steps.

This is not to discourage you from downloading anything. Just think twice about it before you download the same file three times just because it's so convenient and you somehow forgot where you saved it the first two times. That's waste.


As some of you might have read in the forum, we're currently switching servers. If you're reading this, it means you're already looking at the new server. The URL is a temporary one until the main domain is moved.


As a few concerned visitors correctly assumed, I just forgot the words 'this year' in the last post. A new year has begun, so we're starting out with The New Adventure.


You're currently browsing old newsposts. Since the site's directory and file structure has changed several times over the years, the more you get into the past, the more likely it is you'll find the links on these pages not working. Use the regular navigation to find the respective contents in this case.